24 November 2015

Messages In the National Teacher Education Minister

In the 2015 National Teacher or known premises term PGRI many activities undertaken by the ranks of teachers. Including one of the activities undertaken by the Ministry of Education and Culture (Education) attended the ceremony Anies Baswedan Appreciation Teachers and Education Personnel Achievement and dedicated in 2015.

In addition to participating presented the award and take pictures with the winners, the Education Minister also delivered his speech and gave some message to educators and education personnel are present. One of them is the message appealed to the teachers and education personnel to foster independent learning atmosphere.

"Let us nurture learning atmosphere of freedom. Part of our in Kemendikbud governing juknisnya. Mr. and Mrs. (teacher) that build spirit," said Education Minister while giving a speech at the ceremony Appreciation Teachers and Education Personnel Achievement and dedicated in 2015 at the Plaza Insan Achievement Kemendikbud , Jakarta, Saturday afternoon (21/11/2015).

He said independence has different meanings freely. In the word "independence", he said, there is a feel of responsibility. Independence in teaching or education that aims to create a space for students and teachers to create and perform, so as to encourage the emergence of a breakthrough and innovation.

Special to the winners, the Education Minister ordered that the cash prizes that they received can be viewed as a mandate to continue to develop themselves. "It takes hard work to earn money. But the required etiquette for using the money. We who are gathered here are teachers who use any learner to the learning process," said Minister of Education.

He also said that all that has been done by the teachers can not be measured or assessed by the rupiah. "Do not measure what we do with the rupiah. Glory when dirupiahkan will experience devaluation of impairment," said Education Minister.

Selection of Teachers and Education Personnel Achievement and an event dedicated to ideas, ideas, and finding solutions to strategic issues or problems concerning education. This Year Teacher and Education Personnel Outstanding and Dedicated attended by around 900 participants consisting of teachers / tutors, principals, supervisors and trainers of kindergarten, elementary / SDLB, SMP / SMPLB, SMA / SMALB, and SMK.

Types of activities / competitions consisted of assessment of teachers, principals, and supervisors to kindergarten, elementary and junior high schools, including tutors and tutor package A package B. Then there is also the Creativity Contest elementary and secondary teachers and Learning Innovation Competition elementary and junior high levels, as well as a special area teachers.

While the level of SMA / SMK consists of assessment of teachers, principals, supervisors and tutors package C. In addition to the teacher SMALB through Learning Teacher Creativity Contest PKLK Secondary Education, Head SMALB, and secondary education teachers are dedicated, as well as the assessment of trainers. Total winners for all categories and levels of education amounted to 99 people.

And thank you on listening to information related to the teacher and bebarapa activities followed by the Minister of Education in order to celebrate the national teachers.

Source: Mendikbud.com
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